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To the MIT Sloan Community:

Thanks to YOU, the MIT Sloan community—we did it! 

Together we reached our initial Pi Day goal of 314 donors to MIT Sloan during the 24-hour Challenge. 

Having reached this goal with over 12 hours to go, you helped unlock the generous gift of $50,000 provided by Judy Lewent SM ’72 and her husband, Mark Shapiro. 

But the MIT Sloan community didn’t stop there. 

After exceeding 314 donors, we stretched for 473, which then became 738, and by midnight, we exceeded 1,000 donors! This incredible show of support resulted in unlocking a total of $125,000, committed from our generous challengers - $100,000 total from Judy Lewent SM ’72 and her husband, Mark Shapiro, and $25,000 from Bassim Halaby MCP '88, MBA '02 who challenged us to reach over the 1,000 donor mark in the final hours of the Challenge. 

It is my great pleasure to thank you—and all the alumni, students, faculty, and staff who made this 24-hour Challenge such a resounding success. 

The impact of your generosity is immediate. MIT Sloan Annual Fund support gives students access to expanded Action Learning opportunities and competitive fellowships; fuels the groundbreaking research of our faculty; and bolsters inventive programs and courses designed to help prepare our students to be tomorrow’s principled and innovative leaders—ready to tackle some of the toughest problems around the globe. 

At MIT Sloan, a better world is our business. Thank you for being a part of this great community. 

With best regards, 

David Schmittlein 
John C Head III Dean 
MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan $125K Challenge
WOW you have exceeded every one of our donor goals – 314 donors, 473 donors, and 738 donors! Can we make it an even 1,000 by 11:59 ET tonight? If so we will increase our challenger commitments from $100,000 to $125,000. Thank you!
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
$150K Challenge - UPDATE: $200K Challenge!
We've reached our original goal of 1500 donors in 24 hours for $150,000! Our anonymous challenge donor is so impressed, they've offered an ADDITIONAL $50K if 2,000 donors make a gift to MIT today.
2,000 / 2,000 Gifts
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