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At MIT, we let our work speak for itself. Our kind of engineer views praise as an invitation to tackle the next problem — and the harder, the better.

The challenges we seek to solve, from cybersecurity to fusion energy to Alzheimer’s, require more than apps. 

We believe in digging deep and learning for the long-term. Quantum computing, self-healing materials, programming bacteria to fix atmospheric nitrogen, and autonomous vehicles require rigor, passion, and a breakthrough, or two, or three …

To empower our community, we must support people with the right resources and spaces to discover and innovate.

It’s why we need your help. We hope you will join us.

$150K Challenge - UPDATE: $200K Challenge!
We've reached our original goal of 1500 donors in 24 hours for $150,000! Our anonymous challenge donor is so impressed, they've offered an ADDITIONAL $50K if 2,000 donors make a gift to MIT today.
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