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About MITx

MITx offers free, online, high quality courses to learners around the world. The program aims to expand access to quality educational opportunities worldwide, enhance on-campus education, and advance the understanding of teaching and learning through research. MITx courses are developed and taught by MIT faculty members and certificates of completion are available for a nominal fee.



Since MITx was launched, more than 160 courses have been accessed by more than 4 million learners globally. MITx learners come from a variety of backgrounds and use these courses to improve their professional standing, support their own academic programs, or as opportunities for lifelong learning. MITx courses cover a wide range of topics covering some of the most in-demand skills in today’s workplace.

Beyond Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), MITx is expanding its support to include a wider scope of innovative digital learning projects that will benefit MOOCs in the future. This special mix of creating a solid foundation, building efficiency, supporting faculty to make MOOCs, and experimenting in the space requires flexibility in funding and structure. The more flexibility that MITx has, the more innovation it can support.


What Your Gift Would Support

  • Expand the pipeline of MITx courses to provide high quality educational opportunities worldwide.

  • Support faculty experimentation to translate the MIT maker experience into a scalable model for global use.

  • Support the MITx team in exploring learning at scale, working with different cultures and experimenting with different models of blended learning.

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