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MIT D-Lab: Designing for a more equitable world

We are thrilled to participate in the first-ever MIT 24-hour Challenge, and hope you will consider making a gift to support D-Lab’s work today.

When MIT mechanical engineer Amy Smith created the first D-Lab class over 15 years ago, she dreamed of the MIT community working hand-in-hand with partners across the world to address poverty challenges on a global scale.

Amy saw an opportunity to channel the rigorous education of MIT students and researchers toward something practical and meaningful.

Today, MIT D-Lab has over 2,500 alumni, offers 20+ classes, houses six research groups, and runs global design summits, a social entrepreneurship fellowship, and an industry consortium. D-Lab-supported solutions have reached over 700,000 people around the world, creating opportunities for small-scale farmers, mitigating infant and maternal mortality, making mobility solutions available to people living with disabilities, and more. 

Our mission and values remain true to D-Lab’s roots: working with people around the world, D-Lab develops and advances collaborative approaches and practical solutions to global poverty challenges.


How will my gift to MIT D-Lab make a difference? 

A gift to D-Lab enables our work in educating the next generation of global development practitioners to be nimble, flexible, and critical problem-solvers. Through hands-on projects in real-world settings, our students learn that by their efforts they can make a difference in the lives of people living in poverty. A gift to D-Lab also supports our research and programs to have a real impact on the communities we work with around the world.


Here’s what MIT alumni say about D-Lab:

 “I loved my projects at MIT, but felt that a lot of resources went to building the next frontier of technology. D-Lab was one of the few programs that focused on innovative, simple solutions for real needs of 80 percent of the world's population living on less than $2.50 a day. This has been a huge inspiration for how I want to dedicate my time in the future.”

 MIT D-Lab Alumna & Pivotal Labs Product Manager Caroline Hane-Weijman (Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2011)


“Diversity. Inclusion. Community. Agency. Empowerment. Excellence. To me, this is the MIT ethos as embodied by the work that D-Lab does through the programs I know and love.”

 MIT Alumna & Division Chief of the USAID Higher Education Solutions Network Ticora V. Jones (Material Science & Engineering, Class of 2000)


“Support D-Lab today so that some of the nation’s best and brightest at MIT will bend towards service and co-creation. But also support (Founding Director) Amy Smith because in her work at MIT, she also fuels this movement in education for institutional and academic partners all over the US and all over the world. When you contribute to something like D-Lab, you know the money is well-spent and the effect is real - and is reaching far beyond the confines of Cambridge.”

 MIT D-Lab Alumnus & Cambridge, MA City Council Member Nadeem Mazen (Biological Engineering, Class of 2006)


This MIT Giving Day, we hope you’ll make a difference with a gift to D-Lab.  

D-Lab $5,000 Match Challenge
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