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The MindHandHeart Initiative has a unique opportunity only available through the MIT 24-hour Challenge:

Your gift on March 14th will be matched by a very generous anonymous donor and be directed to a very specific purpose. Funding will help provide every incoming freshman with a copy of Portraits of Resilience, and encourage them to build a supportive community around them as they embark on a new and challenging journey at MIT.

About MindHandHeart

MindHandHeart is a coalition of students, faculty, and staff working to build a healthier and more welcoming MIT community.  Over time, we aim to make conversations about mental health and well-being a part of daily life at MIT.

About the book

Portraits of Resilience is a photography and narrative series in which students, faculty, and staff at MIT tell, in their own words, how they faced hardships, and emerged stronger and wiser from their experiences. In explaining what motived this project, MIT Professor Daniel Jackson writes “through their experiences, [these individuals] have gained profound insights into our human condition, how to meet adversity, and sometimes how to overcome it.”

Building Resilience (MindHandHeart)
Your gift today will be matched $ for $, and will be put to use by providing first-year students with a new book encouraging resilience.
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$150K Challenge - UPDATE: $200K Challenge!
We've reached our original goal of 1500 donors in 24 hours for $150,000! Our anonymous challenge donor is so impressed, they've offered an ADDITIONAL $50K if 2,000 donors make a gift to MIT today.
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