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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about The MIT 24-hour Challenge.

Why should I give today? Can’t I help MIT by giving any other day?

Giving to the Institute on this day to any fund will maximize your gift by helping to unlock a substantial challenge gift, and possibly even multiple challenge gifts. Plus, giving on this day enables you to be part of a feel-good global event that connects MIT alumni, students, faculty, and community members.

If I send a check, will my gift be counted in the MIT 24-hour Challenge?

To ensure your gift is counted in the MIT 24-hour Challenge, please make your gift on 24hourchallenge.mit.edu. Only checks received and processed, or designated to be processed, on March 14 will be counted in the Challenge.

I am a member of multiple groups that are holding additional challenges in the MIT 24-hour Challenge. Will my gift count toward both?

The MIT 24-hour Challenge website attributes one gift to one program (MIT10, MIT Sloan, MITx, etc.) at a time. Therefore, if you'd like your gift to count for multiple programs, we recommend splitting up your intended gift into multiple gifts, and attributing the resulting gifts to your multiple affiliations using the "Add another gift to my donation" button on the transaction page.

I made my gift on March 14 through giving.mit.edu or over the phone. Will my gift still count toward the Challenge?

Yes! Since the gift was not made directly on the Challenge website, there may be a delay in your gift being added to leaderboards, but it will be counted.

I live on the West Coast/in Europe/Asia/etc. Will my gift count if I give on March 14 my time, even if it isn't March 14 in Cambridge?

Unfortunately not. The MIT 24-hour Challenge runs on Cambridge time—it starts at midnight EDT on March 14, and ends that day at 11:59pm EDT. Please be sure to make your gift between these times!

The fund I want to give to isn't listed on the MIT 24-hour Challenge website. Can I still give to this fund as part of the Challenge? 

Yes. Simply find the fund of your choice on MIT's regular giving site, giving.mit.edu, and give there. Your gift will still be counted in the overall challenge goal if it is given on March 14 ET, though there may be a delay in your gift being added to leaderboards. However, the best way to ensure your gift counts for the overall challenge, or any micro-challenge, is to give on 24hourchallenge.mit.edu.

If I make a pledge on March 14, will that count toward the Challenge?

No, MIT must receive your gift on March 14th for you to count in the challenge, which means only gifts and pledge payments made on March 14 will count toward the Challenge. A pledge without a transacted gift will not count toward the Challenge.

If I already made a gift to MIT this year and I make another gift on March 14th will it count toward the Challenge?

Yes, any and all alumni, students, parents and friends who make a gift to MIT on March 14th will count toward the Challenge.

Still have questions?

Contact us at annual_fund@mit.edu